Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rescue Rosette

Yesterday was the big day for the rescue Weims... We had originally thought we would have 10 Weims to parade around the showring, but a few didnt make it so we went with 5. We had lots of fun and it was a great experience for many rescuers to meet each other, meet & see REPUTABLE breeders and... get to see so many beautiful weims in one place!
My club offered each dog in the parade a prize... a goody bag jam-packed with treats, a bandana, photo album and a stuffie! And each dog also got a magnet I designed to look like the ribbon rosettes that are given out a dog shows. Once I had the concept, I decided to try to make our club logo look like a medallion. I ran a few filters and did some fancy retouching handiwork and it really came to look like metal! I tried to get orange streamers, but went with rich burgundy and then color corrected the "rosette" behind the "medallion" to match the satin! I now have a badge maker (I ALWAYS wanted one when I was a kid!) for rescue so I ordered materials to make the magnets and assembled them and attached the ribbons. They were a hit! :-)
The day was a success and we are talking about trying to make the Rescue Parade an annual event.