Monday, August 22, 2011

FIONA in Philly--ADOPTED!!!!! :-)

This flyer was designed by a friend and fellow rescuer. While Fiona is not a Weim, she a great girlie who needs a new home ASAP!!! Please take a look and please dont the shelter be her last home!

this is from Ma's friend JL:

This is my pen pal at the shelter in Philly (dog I am paired up with to work with and try to find a home for).

They are REALLY full so she needs out whether it be by an adopter or foster home! If you know anyone considering a dog shes awesome. Good with dogs, cats and kids! Adoptions this weekend are FREE! Otherwise her fee is only $20 this month and includes UTD on shots and vaccinated.

Heres her video I made:

Here's her CL add:

Normally I wouldnt beg or send an email out like this but my last pen pal was put down and this girl is amazing. She deserves to get out. So please share her. Thanks!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Flyers I designed...

For Weims available through my rescue, TSWR

This is Zach:

And this is Jake:

This year I started to design these for a booklet for volunteers to take on our Meet & Greets. As each Weim comes in, they get a page and as each one gets adopted and adored, they get an upgrade (a "stamp" that says ADOPTED on their page). This is a way I can combine my love for Weims and rescue with design! They are also available to foster homes to post in their local vets' offices and pet stores to spread the word! Since our rescue covers such a large area and many of our foster dogs are spread out in PA, NJ and DE, these booklets and flyers help to get many Weims' faces out there.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

June's Birthday

Today, my little girl turns nine! I can't imagine what she was like as a pup, since she was rescued at 3 1/2 yrs old. But, even at her new-found "senior" status, she's still quite active and full of vim & vigor...Not to be shown up by her younger whipper-snapper brother, she recently discovered a lust for white bags and Lure Coursing and is getting ready to try her paw at Rally with me!

In honor of her big day, I created a special work of digital art.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cass's Ad

When I met my wonderful friend/Weim mentor, Linda, I had no idea where the adventures we'd go on would lead me to. They say in life it's not the journey, but who you travel with... Well, with her, I've travelled to so many great places and met more great people and their dogs (predominantly Weims). This past May, we went to the WCA Nationals and I got to meet and spend time with Jen and Bliss(the Alaskan Princess Grayhart pup and littermate to Savi, my pbp) and another Alaskan Weim, Rosewin Benelli Bring on the Birds, "Cassiar", and his people.
Cass was shown and garnered Winners Dog at 6 months of age. You could feel the electricity in the air even as Jen (his handler) and he were running in the ring.
Once the official photos were taken, I mentioned to his owners, Julie and Lyle that I do design work and showed them my book of Blue Ribbon Ad samples. I had been creating ad samples to show around there in hopes of picking up some work. They seemed impressed and asked for a book to bring home to Alaska to look over. I sent one up and within a week or so, they hired me for his first ad!! I got to work researching his name and finding other materials and info for font treatments. I discovered that Cassiar is a mountain range and town in NW Canada, now a ghost town. I found an awesome photo of a mountain in that range complete with some northern lights! The font for his name is called Northern Territories. I echoed the aurora borealis in the bar under his name to put his AKC name. I tried a few different fonts and layouts and submitted 2 versions of the ad. Once I got his official win photo, I sent version 3. The final version.
This is the ad printed in the August issue of the WCA's Weimaraner Magazine.

Cass is competing later this month in Washington. I am hoping he has another big win and also that I will have the honor of working with his people again!

Friday, August 5, 2011


Today I had not alot to do at work and finished up a poster for the Union Square Petco's Grooming Dept. (You're welcome Josh!)

Then... I got to thinking that one of the Weimaraner Clubs I belong to doesn't have a logo. Now, I'm sure it isn't NECESSARY to have a logo but I wanted to play today LOL. So, I found a picture of the stud dog of the President of the club and some other collateral materials to work with and got busy.

My favorite in the contact sheet is version 7... and then I kept playing and did number 9.
Now my fave overall!
How about you? Post me your fave in the comments!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The inspiration for my dog designs...

My Weims. Specifically, Blue, the first one. My heart dog.

Blue's "Yearbook" creation from when he Graduated Obedience School!

Some other treatments of my Weims' photos:

June and Blue's Summer "siggy"2010

Haze Pop-Art"Graffiti"

June Colorblocked Head-shot

Before and After of Haze to make it look like a painting.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


For a while now friends and family have been prompting me to set up a second blog of all my design work...Here it is! I plan on posting mostly dog design work I do... for fun and profit.
2K Designs started out in 2000. The name just worked with my initials and I created a logo and got busy! At first, I did lots of greeting cards and scrapbooking items along with traditional arts and crafts sold at local craft shows. Lots and lots of greeting cards... As I've branched out, I started doing invitations for showers, parties, weddings and worked closely for a few years with a basket designer in Staten Island creating custom cards for her wedding baskets. Then I started dabbling with photoshop filters and effects and tiptoed into the waters of the world wide web forums, blogs and cottage industry websites.
Since then, I've done a host of stationary, business cards, logos, online forum "siggies", (Weimaraner) dog rescue flyers, posters and signage for local pet stores, and most recently my VERY FIRST Weimaraner Magazine Ad!

Concentrating on championing dogs, my work now combines my 2 biggest passions.
I figure by posting here, I will have an outlet to allow more people to see my work.

Stay tuned.