Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Official Logo of the Rockstar Litter!

Many months ago (it seems) litter themes were flying around my head in anticipation of my friend's impending pups. It's a fun little hobby I have, coming up with AKC names and themes based on the Dam and Sires and although I'm not a breeder myself, I have wonderful friends and mentors who indulge me! One of the themes really seemed to work for Jam and it was super easy coming up with many (100, in fact!) name choices. At RS, we were working on an SIP (Special Interest Publication) called the Top 100 Guitarists of All Time and in it, there was to be an Essential Playlist... the best song for each rocker. I had jotted down a few and then once the mag. was printed, I supplied the full list. (I also was able to procure a copy of the SIP which is no longer in print for each of the pup's family) Fast forward to mid September... the little "rockstars" made their debut and I sat down and started playing... my "other" hobby. And I came up with a logo for one of the photos posted on Linda's puppy blog
It was so well-received that it became the official logo of the litter! This past weekend the pups went home. During the Puppy Party, Linda (who is an AKC Breeder of Merit) holds a class to go over important facts and requirements and general Weim-puppy rearing advise. She creates a booklet chock-full of info including vaccine schedules and protocol, feeding and crate training, pedigree, and photos. This year guess who helped? The Rockstar litter Puppy Manual was in full color and... rocked this on it's cover!
Linda mentioned that she believes this is the first Weim litter to have an official logo. (And now the bar is set for Savi's litter LOL... what WILL I come up with, next???) The lovely pups have now each gone "solo" on their WORLD TOUR... I wish each new family all the best; these Grayhart pups are near and dear to my heart and I can't wait to watch them grow and take the Weim world by storm!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

It's Blue Ribbon Time!

Each June, the WCA magazine publishes the Blue Ribbon issue in which breeders and owners showcase their Weims' accomplishments. The editor will create ads for a small fee in addition, but many people opt to have their ads professionally designed (or do them themselves!) Last year, at the behest of my dear friend, Linda Hartheimer, I created a book of ad designs to bring with us on our trip to the Nationals to show the Weim community what I could create for them...I met so many people who took my card and looked at my book (some even requested a copy of the book to take home with them!)
Although I still don't have my own copy of the magazine, many do and can see all the lovely Weimaraners' ads. I got a peek at Linda's copies yesterday and was excited to see not only my two ads, but some of the photos I have taken of other Weims used in their ads designed by fellow Weim lover, rescuer and designer, Sara Renee. (Those ads are for Bebe, Trudy, and my pbp, Savi!)

One of the two dogs I was hired to design ads for is Elle, a sweet girl from Silverhoney Weimaraners who is a new CH. I run into her owner/breeder, Suzanne at shows and some hunt tests. Back in February, I was taking some photos ringside and got a few head shots of Elle that I knew would be perfect for an ad for her. Many ideas danced in my head and Suzanne and I discussed the possibility of me designing an ad. Once Elle got her last points and finished her title, Suzanne asked me to send her some proofs! Just a few copy changes and we were all set to print!
This is Elle's 2012 Blue Ribbon:

The other ad I designed is for Cass! If you all recall last August, I posted an ad I designed for my friends in Alaska for their male Weim, Cassiar... Throughout his show career, I have watched him quickly earn his CH, Can CH and most recently, his GCH. Each step along the way, I made note that we would be sure to include these milestones in a Blue Ribbon when the time came (and if they wanted to hire me to design it!!) I had lots of ideas dancing around my head so when his owners asked me to create his Blue Ribbon, I quickly set out to pull it all together with some win shots. With a few tweaks called in from the RV while on the show circuit, Cassiar's ad was sent in just under the deadline! ;-) Here is Cassiar's 2012 Blue Ribbon:

Thank you to the following people for allowing me the opportunity to
help their Weims SHINE: Linda Hartheimer, Rich and Barbara Alfieri, Bonnie and Steve Lane, Suzanne Honeyman, and Julie Aune!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A reminder...

Wanted to make a little something to remind all our TSWR friends that our annual picnic/fundraiser is coming up...