Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rescue Parade Commemorative Rosette

I'm home this week recuperating from surgery and will be assembling the rosettes I designed for the GSWC's Rescue Parade.
Pictured is the first rendition of the center...It's nothing really elaborate or any groundbreaking design, just something I came up with for my club to help honor all the Weim rescues! I used the club's already established logo and put a ribbon behind it. The final version of the commemorative rosette will be a nice magnet with streamers in autumn colors.
It should be an AWESOME day :-) Our club always hosts shows with good judges, yummy food, neat raffle prizes, friendly competition and of course... all the gray dogs!


  1. A wonderful tribute to the Rescues and a great moment for their generous owners!

  2. Looks great. Feel better soon Kel! :)

  3. Wait til you all see the final version...