Monday, July 29, 2013

Another Litter Logo!

WOW!! Where has the time gone by? It has been a whirlwind since the beginning of the year... we've been busy training Haze(seeing a behaviorist for his reactivity and also tok a few private agility lessons!) and working with June and earning her CGC title! We also have been struck with puppy fever... back in March, my PBP was bred to a wonderful stud dog, Parker, BISS GCH HiBourne's It's All About Me, BROM and the flurry of anticipation began!!! I have been waiting for this breeding and hopeful to be able to get a puppy from my friend and mentor, Linda. Once the breeding occurred, the next milestone was the ultrasound and then Xray to see if it took and then how many to expect. Then, the whelping. Since Linda allowed me to be present and help for the last litter, she asked me again to be with her and Savi this time around. I helped welcome 7 bundles of gray joy into the world on May 9th. And for the next 8 weeks, had weekly visits with the Grayhart Fast Times Litter. Yes, this one has a theme and of course, I just had to design a logo again. The bar was set last time! LOL... so Cameron Crowe movies (This has been been a theme near and dear to my heart as I love his movies AND I too work for Rolling Stone.) Naturally, my pick was to be "Almost Famous" so I basically was just waiting to see which pup could and would he the one. Linda had a catchy theme and called them the Fast Times (after the C.C. movie, Fast TImes at Ridgemont High). It also works since many of these pups will be trained for performance sports and lots of fun, fast times! Coming up with the logo was easier than Almost Famous' call name... we had a few and nothing was really sticking until one day, Chris said CeCe. Do you know why And I realized he said C.C. (Cameron's initials) I liked it; not loved, just liked and then I looked it up... CeeCee or CeCe has some Greek origins to the word meaning BIRD. A Crowe is a BIRD and these Weims are BIRD dogs so it just really made sense and I LOVED it then.... Linda (thankfully) also loved it so CeCe had a name, an AKC registered name, but we still didnt know who she was.... 4 weeks ago, we waited after a long conformation evaluation for our friend Debbie to pick the pup she wanted and for Linda to tell us who she was picking for us... Miss Pink! She was the pup on the first Tues puppy duty Chris had who kept "losing" her ribbon and he must have re-tied it 3 times! :-) The pup I called Pinky Tuscadero from week 6 on. The pup I secretly liked from week 5, the pup who's ribbon I loved with it's sparkled edges! The pup who skidded out first to the dinner bowl stampede, my Parker x Savi pup... my puppy I've waited three years for from my sweet Puppy-by-Proxy! Our world has changed (again due to a Weim) and we are over the moon with joy and lack of sleep LOL more to come soon, as I've already created a "mini" Blue Ribbon announcement for Miss CeCe... in her colors and exemplifying her name.

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