Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cass's Ad

When I met my wonderful friend/Weim mentor, Linda, I had no idea where the adventures we'd go on would lead me to. They say in life it's not the journey, but who you travel with... Well, with her, I've travelled to so many great places and met more great people and their dogs (predominantly Weims). This past May, we went to the WCA Nationals and I got to meet and spend time with Jen and Bliss(the Alaskan Princess Grayhart pup and littermate to Savi, my pbp) and another Alaskan Weim, Rosewin Benelli Bring on the Birds, "Cassiar", and his people.
Cass was shown and garnered Winners Dog at 6 months of age. You could feel the electricity in the air even as Jen (his handler) and he were running in the ring.
Once the official photos were taken, I mentioned to his owners, Julie and Lyle that I do design work and showed them my book of Blue Ribbon Ad samples. I had been creating ad samples to show around there in hopes of picking up some work. They seemed impressed and asked for a book to bring home to Alaska to look over. I sent one up and within a week or so, they hired me for his first ad!! I got to work researching his name and finding other materials and info for font treatments. I discovered that Cassiar is a mountain range and town in NW Canada, now a ghost town. I found an awesome photo of a mountain in that range complete with some northern lights! The font for his name is called Northern Territories. I echoed the aurora borealis in the bar under his name to put his AKC name. I tried a few different fonts and layouts and submitted 2 versions of the ad. Once I got his official win photo, I sent version 3. The final version.
This is the ad printed in the August issue of the WCA's Weimaraner Magazine.

Cass is competing later this month in Washington. I am hoping he has another big win and also that I will have the honor of working with his people again!


  1. Beautiful! You did a great job! I wish you much success in this endeavor.

  2. thank you! I am so anxious to see the ad in print...