Friday, August 19, 2011

Flyers I designed...

For Weims available through my rescue, TSWR

This is Zach:

And this is Jake:

This year I started to design these for a booklet for volunteers to take on our Meet & Greets. As each Weim comes in, they get a page and as each one gets adopted and adored, they get an upgrade (a "stamp" that says ADOPTED on their page). This is a way I can combine my love for Weims and rescue with design! They are also available to foster homes to post in their local vets' offices and pet stores to spread the word! Since our rescue covers such a large area and many of our foster dogs are spread out in PA, NJ and DE, these booklets and flyers help to get many Weims' faces out there.


  1. UPDATE:
    Zach got adopted TODAY while at the Loreal Your Dog is Worth It Too Event! We had a poster and flyers out and he came with his foster family to meet a potential adopter. Everything clicked and he will be transferred in about 2 weeks to his forever home!

  2. So happy for Zach and his new family! Your creative flyers to advertise the rescue Weims are terrific!

  3. UPDATE:
    JAKE got adopted about a week ago!!!